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Monica Gray was looking for a way to distinguish her property from others.

As Leasing Manager for Walipp Seniors Residence, a community near the University of Houston, Monica began her quest when she attended a management training course for the Houston Police Department’s Blue Star Program. The course addressed legal issues, gangs, crime prevention, and problem solving.

“I didn’t know what to expect at first, but I thought the training was great,” she said.


Blue Star is a certification program dedicated to helping multifamily properties work with law enforcement to reduce criminal activity. To gain certification, property managers must complete three stages: management training, CPTED inspection, and a safety-social event for residents.

A needed resource

Monica was especially pleased with the program’s problem solving benefits. After certification she was able to work with the officers to correct a nagging problem with an abandoned lot behind her property. The officers were able to persuade the lot’s owner to mow the grass and make it less hospitable to criminal behavior. 

Monica admitted that she had to make a few lighting improvements to become certified, but felt “they were not expensive.”

“For us, Blue Star has been a deterrent to crime and has satisfied most of the issues of our residents. It’s definitely been worth it.”

The Blue Star Program’s next available eight hour training is scheduled for May 28, 2009 at Texas Cooperative Extension – Harris County, 3033 Bear Creek Drive.


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Distinctive Properties

Several management districts are working hard to bring attention to the apartment properties in their area. Two examples are:

Greenspoint District Community Incentive Program

Westchase District Exclusive Apartment Communities

Both programs require participation in the Blue Star Multi-Housing Program. We’ll have more details about these and other programs soon.

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